Vineyard Kids 3

Kids LOVE the Vineyard

And the feeling is MUTUAL! Every Sunday, our classrooms are filled with all kinds of kids. And we don’t just provide childcare so adults can go to church…

Kids experience God in safe, creative environments designed for each age group. Our motto is “Way to Go!” because it describes what we’re doing: We are showing kids that Jesus is the “Way to Go” (John 14:6) and We are encouraging them, “Way to Go!” Our Vineyard Kids teams partner with parents so that kids of all ages and abilities can experience God’s love and learn biblical truth. Ask them what they learned… and be ready to engage with them.

Vineyard Nursery1

NURSERY: Ages 0-1

We’re delighted to have newborns through crawlers join us in the nursery! It’s designed to be safe & engaging for your little one. We have lots of age-appropriate toys, soothing videos, and loving arms. We want babies to experience the love of God every moment they’re with us.

At check-in, please let us know about special instructions and when your baby needs to eat. Be sure to grab a free Vineyard Kids tag for your diaper bag so we don’t mix them up.

Vineyard Toddlers

TODDLERS: Ages 1-2

We love having your high-energy toddlers with us at church! This classroom is designed for kids walking through age 2 to play and learn in a fun, comfortable environment. Our goal is to teach them:

  1. God loves me
  2. God made me
  3. God created all things

We serve gluten-free rice chex and water during class. You may bring a labeled sippy cup with water or juice, but milk is not permitted in class due to allergies. Be sure to grab a free Vineyard Kids tag for your diaper bag so we don’t mix them up.

Vineyard Prek

PRE-K: Ages 3-4

Preschoolers sure are busy, and we like to keep them that way! We have a committed team of teachers that provide a fun and structured learning environment. Kids learn how to trust and follow God through Bible stories, scripture memory verses, songs, activities, and video curriculum that they love!

If you have any special instructions, such as potty-training or learning style tips, please let us know at check-in.

Vineyard Elementary

ELEMENTARY: 5 Years Old – 3rd Grade

We created an action-packed class for early elementary kids that’s always moving and constantly learning. Our teachers use many different methods to speak to all learning styles.

We’ll learn the gospel and Bible truths through lessons, stories, skits, crafts, and games. Each Sunday, kids participate in worship, a large-group lesson, and small group time.

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The Vineyard has always placed a high value on worship, and Vineyard Kids is no different. We emphasize worship and teach kids how to engage God through our songs, words, prayers, hearts, and lives.
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CHECK IN: All Classes

Children are welcomed into the classrooms 15 minutes prior to all services and must be checked in by a parent or guardian. Our friendly volunteers will be available at the check-in station in the lobby to help you print an ID sticker for your child, and one for you to hold onto that matches the unique number on your child’s sticker.

To check your child out of class when you’re finished worshiping, please allow us to verify that your stickers match. For security reasons, we ask that parents do not enter classrooms, but remain at the door until your child is dismissed to you.

Downloading our Church Center App can make this process faster and easier!

FAQS for Parents

In order to ensure the safety and security of all kids at the Vineyard, parents or guardians need to register kids before they attend class for the first time. You’ll probably want to plan about 10 extra minutes to visit the kids registration desk and complete the one-time registration form for each child.

You will receive a Family ID number along with everything you’ll need to go directly to the classrooms for check-in each time you attend in the future.

If you are needed at any time during the service, we will post your family ID number in the corner of the screen in the main worship gathering.Please watch for numbers during the service and go to your child’s classroom promptly if your number is posted.
To protect your baby’s skin, we want to use your diaper products. Please be sure to stock your bag with diapers, wipes, and burp cloths.

And be sure to put a complementary Vineyard Kids Bag Tag with your Family ID so we can match bags to children in the classrooms.

To protect the health of all in attendance, children who show signs or symptoms of fever or any other contagious disease are not accepted into our classrooms.

We have first aid kits in all of our rooms and many of our volunteers are CPR certified.

When you register your kids, please indicate all food allergies.

At check-in to the Nursery, please indicate when you expect your baby to eat and include any special instructions we’ll need to know.

Toddlers may bring a labeled sippy cup with water or juice, but milk is not permitted in the class due to allergies. We serve our kids gluten-free rice chex, water, and occasionally give smarties and dum dums.

When your child is ready to move to the next class, please stop by the Kids Registration Desk to let us know.

Kids in the nursery, toddler, and preschool classrooms are promoted to the next class around their birthday, according to their age. The transition from nursery to toddler is left to parents’ discretion and could happen from 12+ months. Make the move when you feel your child is a confident walker and is ready to move up.

Elementary aged students are promoted to the next class at the end of the school year.